Dear friends,

After some careful consideration I have decided that 362 will be the last episode of Digital Grooves. Despite cutting the show’s length in half last year it’s still getting harder and harder every week to present you a well polished program. It was a tough decision since I was considering taking it to ‘the next level’ and try for a syndicated worldwide broadcast but in the end I think it will be the right one. Time constraints have often turned the making of the show into a chore rather than something fun and that’s why it shouldn’t go on like this.

I think it’s been a pretty decent run with over 700 hours of radio in the last 7 years!

So does this mean I’m calling it a day? Definitely not! It feels more like I’m just getting started. Sun Science, Yearmix, random mixtapes will still be happening so keep an eye out on my SoundCloud page! You can also come see me play live several times a week at 5th Avenue and CafĂ© Arnhem in Arnhem, the Netherlands. If you want to follow me on all the other musical projects I’m involved in be sure to drop by on my Facebook page.

Of course we’re going out with a bang, a 2-hour episode with some of my favourite music of all time!
Due to RTV Arnhem moving this final episode will be broadcast next week, Friday April 3rd.

Thank you so much for your support in the last 7 years, I couldn’t have done it without you. See you on the other side!