It’s only been a short while since the show moved to Saturday but as of March 6, Digital Grooves will return to Friday nights! Due to personal reasons Floorfillers colleague Pim van Diemen is unable to continue his work at Radio Arnhem and hosted his last show on February 27. The free time slot on Friday nights will be filled by Digital Grooves. Back on Friday again but one hour earlier than before; 22 – 0.

I would like to thank Pim for 111 episodes of Floorfillers, hopefully dance will find a spot at Radio Arnhem’s Saturday night again soon. Of course he will drop by as guest dj on the show again in the nearby future!

You can catch the show from March 6 onwards every Friday between 22:00 and 0:00 GMT+1 and we’ll kick off this week with the Trance Energy Special 2009!